My step Leaves no Trace

I saw the ethereal image for the first time in the opening lines of  “Blind Owl ” , a novel written by Sadaq Hedayat. “He was looking without looking,…, as if he was thinking of an absent person, this attractive mirror, my whole existence was drawn to itself as far as human thought is incapable.” The narrator is a captive of an ethereal woman, and I, for the first time, am trying to understand the liberation from the material body and getting closer to the essence of the soul! From the beginning, photography as a miracle for recording moments that the eye cannot see, has had an immaterial dimension: the moment when Edward Muybridge captured all four legs of a horse in the air, the definitive moment of Cartier-Bresson, the moments that flash before our eyes. goes on; But thanks to the miracle of image recording, they can be extended to eternity and be dazzled in front of them. Those moments may be a form of ethereal moments. In this collection, an attempt has been made to reflect on the ethereal portrait in the moments when a person is freed from his material body and reaches another dimension. Maybe that dimension is his main essence, which has been forgotten in the middle of the city noise and material struggle.