About me

Maryam Firuzi is a multimedia artist; from her youth she became interested in literature and drawing, and professionally she started to practice Persian Calligraphy to achieve Its Fine Degree. Because of her Diploma in mathematics, she studied Software Engineering and right after receiving her bachelor she applied for Art University in Tehran, and received her second bachelor and a master degree in Cinema and Film Studies. The art of moving pictures provided her the multimedia atmosphere to experience in her favorite art forms like painting and photography.  Her most important concern which is clearly seen in her art is to challenge the art form itself. Her thesis which was selected as the best thesis of the year, “Self-reflexivity in Cinema”, was a theoretical effort to question the media before trying to make it sense. Parallel to this critical approach, other issues she shows interest in, like femininity, culture, and isolation in consumerist society, have got a new way to look at.