About me

The Iranian artist Maryam Firuzi works and lives in Tehran. Though her academic education was in the field of Cinema, she also works with the photographic medium. Her first series, Reading for Tehran Streets, was influenced by different artforms; from cinematic storytelling to Persian poetry, and painting. This collection, besides an international exposure, received the Alfred Fried Peace Award in September 2018. Also, her latest short film, The Provisional Death of Bees, has been selected by a dozen film festivals. Focused on themes such as cultural crises, gender issues, and identity problems, her creations all embody expressions of self-reflexive thoughts. Her work has been displayed in several photography exhibitions and festivals, including Art & Folk Craft Museum in the United States, the KLMP Portrait Photography Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Tirana National Museum in Albania, and the IWPA tour exhibition in cities like Dubai, Beirut, Amman, Paris, Singapore, Marseille, and Rome.