Raw, ripe, adust

During the quarantine, I decided to take online eco-print classes. I put the plants I had collected from the alleys around my house in a home solution of iron sulfate and boiled them in a pot between a roll of paper. After opening the papers, seeing the wrinkled and colorless leaves and flowers, I felt that I had seen myself after each artistic creation. The plants were like an artist who pours out her existence bit by bit in her work of art, and each time her work is finished, only a shell of her remains. I had experienced this feeling for a long time after making a film or writing a novel (even a poem) or doing a long-term photography project. The plants were the artists who turned their extracts into a work of art and eventually left as scum. leaves that each behaves differently, some with a bold effect, some with a faint effect, and some with a completely colorless effect Just like me.