Stolen Loneliness

During my work on the theme of privacy in this project, many questions arose in my mind: Is art the process of creation, or is it the result of such a process? How far is one allowed to exhibit one’s personal life in public? And how much of such an exhibition is real or artificial? How much of an artist is there in the art form? To find answers to these questions, I decided to make myself the subject of my project. Instagram Stories were the best means of embarking on such a quest. At first, I was uncomfortable and uneasy showing myself in my stories, but gradually I became addicted. In the end, it was frustrating. The experience became most difficult when every word and thought would come to me in the form of a story to be posted for my followers; I was no longer lonely in my imagination. Finally, I printed snapshots of all my stories from the last two years and mounted them in cellphone cases that had been sent to me by my followers on Instagram in an act of collaboration. The images in this part of my project are the result of the questions that made me begin in the first place, questions to which I have yet to find the answer. We are living in an age where we are still looking at the shadows on Plato’s cave, capturing them with our small portable cameras, and sharing them with strangers.